Saturday, 26 October 2013


Two years ago, I cleared my old stuff from my storeroom when I stumbled on two brown wooden boxes. They were covered with dust. I made no attempt to open them until my wife said that it was time to do some spring-cleaning. We were going to welcome the Year of the ‘Rabbit’. She said ‘all un-use stuff must go into the rubbish bin’. Somehow, I kept the two  boxes until the following day. 

The following morning, I opened the boxes and I found loose sheets of scribbling papers. On closer look I remembered some of the notes I wrote. It was about my activities and travel as a district governor 13 years ago. I read on and I vaguely recalled the happenings which took place so many years ago. I was inspired and decided to reminiscent my activities and bring back the proud past. I had a notion that I can share the sentiment of my travel and experience as a district governor. So, I began to look for materials, letters, pictures and so on to start writing and put together all that I can remember on this blog. 

I looked for photographs and newspaper clippings, newsletters to be posted as one could visualize better what I was talking about. After all, a picture paints a thousand words. Unfortunately,  boxes of photographs taken during my travels were destroyed and/or misplaced. Even Lion James Andres who was the district chairman for district bulletin advised me that technology have moved so fast that it would be almost impossible to use back the old zip files which nobody uses now. During those days, few of us have CD burners; floppy disks were so advance and if you got zip drive "wah !". 

I share with you the materials which I have and they are posted in this blog. I hope you find them informative and interesting reading.     

Best Wishes  PCC ALLan Cheah
(PS: Lions are welcomed to write to me especially those who had served in the Cabinet fy 1997-98. Please use the contact form below to start a conversation.)  

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